ExoCarta citation:
Keerthikumar, S., Chisanga, D., Ariyaratne, D., Al Saffar, H., Anand, S., Zhao, K., Samuel, M., Pathan, M., Jois, M., Chilamkurti, N., Gangoda, L. and Mathivanan, S. ExoCarta: A web-based compendium of exosomal cargo. Journal of Molecular Biology. 2015. PubMed

Mathivanan, S. Fahner, C.J., Reid, G.E., and Simpson, R.J. ExoCarta 2012: database of exosomal proteins, RNA and lipids. Nucleic Acids Research. 2012. PubMed

Mathivanan, S. and Simpson, R.J. ExoCarta: A compendium of exosomal proteins and RNA. Proteomics. 2009. 21, 4997-5000. Abstract

ExoCarta Download - 5 (Release date: 29 July 2015)
Protein/mRNA data ExoCarta_protein_mRNA_details_5.txt
miRNA data ExoCarta_miRNA_details_5.txt
Lipid data ExoCarta_lipid_details_5.txt
Exosome study details ExoCarta_experiment_details_5.txt
Gene details ExoCarta_gene_details_5.txt
Top 100 proteins ExoCarta_top100_protein_details_5.txt

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