Gene description for Kif2c
Gene name kinesin family member 2C
Gene symbol Kif2c
Other names/aliases 4930402F02Rik
Species Mus musculus
 Database cross references - Kif2c
ExoCarta ExoCarta_73804
Entrez Gene 73804
UniProt Q922S8  
 Kif2c identified in exosomes derived from the following tissue/cell type
Mast cells 17486113    
 Gene ontology annotations for Kif2c
Molecular Function
    ATP binding GO:0005524 IEA
    nucleotide binding GO:0000166 IEA
    microtubule binding GO:0008017 IEA
    microtubule plus-end binding GO:0051010 ISO
    ATPase activity GO:0016887 IBA
    microtubule motor activity GO:0003777 IBA
Biological Process
    chromosome segregation GO:0007059 IEA
    cell division GO:0051301 IEA
    mitotic metaphase plate congression GO:0007080 ISO
    mitotic nuclear division GO:0007067 IEA
    microtubule depolymerization GO:0007019 ISO
    regulation of chromosome segregation GO:0051983 ISO
    establishment or maintenance of microtubule cytoskeleton polarity GO:0030951 ISO
    cell cycle GO:0007049 IEA
    microtubule-based movement GO:0007018 IBA
Subcellular Localization
    microtubule plus-end GO:0035371 ISO
    chromosome GO:0005694 IEA
    nucleus GO:0005634 IEA
    microtubule cytoskeleton GO:0015630 ISO
    membrane GO:0016020 ISO
    cytoplasm GO:0005737 IEA
    kinesin complex GO:0005871 IBA
    chromosome, centromeric region GO:0000775 ISO
    kinetochore GO:0000776 ISO
    microtubule GO:0005874 IEA
    cytoskeleton GO:0005856 IEA
 Experiment description of studies that identified Kif2c in exosomes
Experiment ID 15
ISEV standards
EV Biophysical techniques
EV Cytosolic markers
EV Membrane markers
EV Negative markers
EV Particle analysis
Identified molecule mrna
Identification method Microarray
PubMed ID 17486113    
Organism Mus musculus
Homo sapiens
Experiment description Exosome-mediated transfer of mRNAs and microRNAs is a novel mechanism of genetic exchange between cells.
Authors Valadi H, Ekstrom K, Bossios A, Sjostrand M, Lee JJ, Lotvall JO
Journal name NCB
Publication year 2007
Sample Mast cells
Sample name MC9
Bone marrow-derived mast cells
Isolation/purification methods Filtration
Sucrose density gradient
Flotation density 1.11-1.21 g/mL
Molecules identified in the study Protein
Methods used in the study Mass spectrometry [MALDI TOF]
Western blotting
 Protein-protein interactions for Kif2c
  Protein Interactor ExoCarta ID Identification method PubMed Species
No interactions are found.

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