Gene description for Flot1
Gene name flotillin 1
Gene symbol Flot1
Other names/aliases reggie-2
Species Mus musculus
 Database cross references - Flot1
ExoCarta ExoCarta_14251
Entrez Gene 14251
UniProt O08917  
 Flot1 identified in exosomes derived from the following tissue/cell type
Mov neuroglial cells 15210972    
 Gene ontology annotations for Flot1
Molecular Function
    ionotropic glutamate receptor binding GO:0035255 ISO
    protease binding GO:0002020 ISO
    protein binding GO:0005515 IPI
    protein heterodimerization activity GO:0046982 ISO
Biological Process
    positive regulation of myoblast fusion GO:1901741 ISO
    positive regulation of cell junction assembly GO:1901890 ISO
    positive regulation of endocytosis GO:0045807 ISO
    cellular response to exogenous dsRNA GO:0071360 ISO
    positive regulation of cytokine production GO:0001819 ISO
    regulation of Rho protein signal transduction GO:0035023 IMP
    protein localization to plasma membrane GO:0072659 IMP
    endocytosis GO:0006897 ISO
    positive regulation of heterotypic cell-cell adhesion GO:0034116 ISO
    positive regulation of protein phosphorylation GO:0001934 ISO
    plasma membrane raft assembly GO:0044854 ISO
    protein homooligomerization GO:0051260 ISO
    axon guidance GO:0007411 ISO
    axonogenesis GO:0007409 IMP
    regulation of receptor internalization GO:0002090 ISO
    membrane raft assembly GO:0001765 ISO
    protein localization to membrane raft GO:1903044 ISO
    positive regulation of interferon-beta production GO:0032728 ISO
    positive regulation of toll-like receptor 3 signaling pathway GO:0034141 ISO
    positive regulation of protein binding GO:0032092 ISO
    protein kinase C signaling GO:0070528 ISO
    response to endoplasmic reticulum stress GO:0034976 ISO
    positive regulation of cell adhesion molecule production GO:0060355 ISO
    establishment of protein localization to plasma membrane GO:0090002 ISO
    positive regulation of skeletal muscle tissue development GO:0048643 ISO
    positive regulation of cell-cell adhesion mediated by cadherin GO:2000049 ISO
    dsRNA transport GO:0033227 ISO
    extracellular matrix disassembly GO:0022617 ISO
Subcellular Localization
    caveola GO:0005901 ISO
    sarcolemma GO:0042383 IDA
    plasma membrane GO:0005886 ISO
    membrane raft GO:0045121 ISO
    COP9 signalosome GO:0008180 ISO
    lysosomal membrane GO:0005765 ISO
    basolateral plasma membrane GO:0016323 ISO
    cortical actin cytoskeleton GO:0030864 ISO
    lamellipodium GO:0030027 ISO
    extracellular exosome GO:0070062 ISO
    centriolar satellite GO:0034451 ISO
    focal adhesion GO:0005925 ISO
    membrane GO:0016020 ISO
    endosome GO:0005768 ISO
    early endosome GO:0005769 ISO
    cytoplasmic vesicle GO:0031410 ISO
    uropod GO:0001931 ISO
    flotillin complex GO:0016600 ISO
    cell-cell adherens junction GO:0005913 ISO
    microtubule organizing center GO:0005815 ISO
    cell-cell contact zone GO:0044291 ISO
 Experiment description of studies that identified Flot1 in exosomes
Experiment ID 39
ISEV standards
EV Biophysical techniques
EV Cytosolic markers
EV Membrane markers
EV Negative markers
EV Particle analysis
Identified molecule protein
Identification method Western blotting
PubMed ID 15210972    
Organism Mus musculus
Experiment description Cells release prions in association with exosomes.
Authors Fevrier B, Vilette D, Archer F, Loew D, Faigle W, Vidal M, Laude H, Raposo G
Journal name PNAS
Publication year 2004
Sample Mov neuroglial cells
Sample name Mov neuroglial cell
Isolation/purification methods Differential centrifugation
Sucrose density gradient
Flotation density 1.14 g/mL
Molecules identified in the study Protein
Methods used in the study Mass spectrometry [QSTAR]
Western blotting
Immunoelectron Microscopy
 Protein-protein interactions for Flot1
  Protein Interactor ExoCarta ID Identification method PubMed Species
No interactions are found.
 Pathways in which Flot1 is involved
No pathways found

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